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New to Coding? Check out These Podcasts

*Cracks knuckles* It’s time to talk coding podcasts.

Coding podcasts are like personal, portable gurus. Some demystify coding concepts — how to build an app using React, what the hell vanilla JS is, what it means to be an “ethical hacker”.

Others lay out career paths — what it’s like working front-end vs back-end, whether to take a coding bootcamp or get a computer science degree, etc. And some will point you in the direction of resources you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Most importantly, they all help show you that you’re not alone in learning to code.

And listen — I get it. Your time is valuable, and there isn’t a lot of room for ‘fluff’. Why listen to people talk about coding, when you can use that time to do hands-on tutorials, creating tangible results?

My go-to coding podcasts are those that help me feel like I’m connected to a community. And, especially for people who, like me, are transitioning to tech as a second career, this can be a great way to stay motivated.

Here are my favorites.

1. Code Newbie

This was my first coding podcast. I started listening to Code Newbie in 2020, right after failing a CS course. Discouraged, I started listening to Code Newbie on my lunch break one day, and was immediately hooked.

Host Saron Yitbarek is not only a powerhouse herself — a speaker, entrepreneur, developer, and founder/CEO of an upcoming business called Disco — she’s also a skilled interviewer.

Each guest — from Danny Thompson, who taught himself to code while working as a fry cook at a gas station and now works at Google, to Amy Chen, who built her own personal brand as a systems software engineer — is inspiring, relatable, and fun to listen to, especially in tandem with Yitbarek’s gentle, curious, and fun interviewing style.

2. LadyBug Podcast

Listening to the Ladybug Podcast feels like hanging out with friends who love to code.

This podcast brings a relaxed vibe to the table — think getting drinks with your favorite office folks and talking shop.

The show has four — yes, four — hosts: Kelly Vaughn, Sidney Buckner, Ali Spittel, and Emma Bostian — and each of them even more accomplished and badass than the last. (Seriously. These people are amazing.)

Whenever I listen to this podcast, I always come away with a ton of new information. It feels a little less formal than the one-on-one style interviews in Code Newbie, but is equally informative.

If you’re looking to learn about almost any topic in tech, they’ve probably covered it. Not sure where to start? Check out their episode on creating digital content, this one on web accessibility, or this great two-parter on leveling up with CSS.

3. Developer Tea

If you don’t have a ton of time for podcasts, don’t worry — Developer Tea is designed to fit into your routine.

The show’s 15-minute episodes are perfect for quick commutes, coffee breaks, or just a quick mental distraction from your computer screen.

Host Jonathan Cutrell not only has an impressive resume — he’s the director of technology at PBS and co-founder of — he also has arguably the most soothing voice in coding podcasts. (Seriously — his voice should probably be used to narrate meditation apps.)

Developer Tea feels more philosophical and reflective than the others on this list. Unlike the other shows, it feels more like Cutrell is having a one-on-one conversation with the listener. (That’s not to say the show doesn’t have its fair share of interview episodes, however — check out this great two-part episode with Katy Milkman, host of the Choiceology podcast, or this one with Ladybug Podcast’s own Ali Spittel.)

Whatever your goal — whether you’re listening to learn, to relax, or to get a quick refresher on topics in tech — you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in one of these podcasts. If not, keep looking — there is a wide range of coding podcasts out there.

Happy coding, and happy listening!

By Ayla Yersel

Humanities nerd learning to code.

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